freedomduck (freedomduck) wrote,

A New Enemy

I have identified a new enemy...

There are a few enemies to new fathers (and mothers) that I've been able to identify - we escape the clutches of creditors, who are like slow moving zombies, so they're not the enemies I'm talking about.

Call me paranoid... enemies are all around. These new enemies are the worst because it's easy to understand their feelings - easy to identify with them, and sometimes their sardonic anecdotes and comments about their kids are even funny. They're the trapped fathers. They're all around, and they have nothing nice to say. Maybe pregnancy didn't happen exactly when they wanted it to and they didn't get the kids they wanted. Maybe their job feels like a trap and their life isn't going well... trapped trapped trapped.

I cannot let myself join these guys. I was very skillful at dodging that pregnancy bullet for many adult years, and maybe I even talked like one of these anti-kid guys. Then, just like hitting a switch, I decided that it was time to have a baby and it happened. Sometimes couples work for years to have a child. There is something very angelic about such an endeavor and I admire them. We lucked out and got pregnant almost immediately.  

I feel sorry for the trapped fathers, these guys who have a nice house and nice children, but are obviously not happy with things. Speaking as a person who is rarely satisfied, I understand. But speaking as someone who is quite happy about being an expectant father, don't bother talking to me about fatherhood.
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